Lèkura's Superfood HydraMist is an antioxidant rich hydration spray that boosts water levels within the skin, increasing product absorption and delivery between the cells.  Used frequently throughout the day phytonutrients inhibit damaging free radical activity created by environmental factors.  Designed for all skin types including problematic and sensitive.

BENEFITS Hydrates the surface of the skin, increases active ingredient absorption, inhibits free-radical activity, sets mineral makeup
IDEAL FOR All skin types especially sensitive 
KEY INGREDIENTS Antioxidants, Gojiberry, Blueberry and Bilberry, Vitamin E


🍃 100% Natural, free from sulphates and detergents 

🐰 Vegan & cruelty-free

🌏 Eco-friendly ingredients & packaging 

🤰 Pregnancy safe

🐨 Australian made & Owned 

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