Lèkura's Purity Charcoal Mask & Spot Treatment is a detoxifying skin treatment designed to clear blemishes, remove environmental pollutants, excess sebum, sweat and dirt from the follicle.

Activated Charcoal is famous for its ability to detox and purify the skin. As it dries, it attracts and holds heavy oils, toxins and impurities from the follicles, taking bacteria, old product/makeup build-up and loose skin cells with it.  It leaves the skin bright, clean and fresh without feeling stripped or dry. 

BENEFITS Removes pollutants, deep set dirt and oil, reduces breakouts and pore size
IDEAL FOR All skin types especially problematic 
KEY INGREDIENTS  Australian green clay, coconut charcoal, pineapple enzymes


🍃 100% Natural

🐰 Vegan & cruelty-free

🌏 Eco-friendly ingredients & packaging 

🤰 Pregnancy safe

🐨 Australian made & Owned 

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