If you are trying to rid your body of toxins, don't risk using a body brush that is covered in chemicals.  You deserve the best quality!

Brush Care - As the timber in the new brushes are in their natural state it is important to note that special care is needed to maintain the brush.

  • Spray the brush with Tea Tree Spray after each body brush to kill any bacteria
  • Ensure the brush head is dry before using again
  • Wash the brush with tea tree soap but keep the water on just the bristles, pad the bristles into a towel to remove excess water  
  • Leave to hang in a well ventilated area or lay with bristles facing down
  • Because the timber is natural and not treated with chemicals, the timber may crack if it gets really wet, hence why we suggest to only wet the bristles.  If cracks to occur this will not effect the quality of the brush

Jute Dry Face Brush


Tampico Dry Body Brush - Firm


Jute Dry Body Brush